Many things are always more cruel and ruthless than imagination. When we meet, the reality is always not in accordance with the development of the situation, and the fact is always inconsistent with our wishes. The end of the year is coming, and the new year is coming. The girl's phone rings. There is a familiar voice on the phone. Don't be angry. I'd like to call you to say hello, especially to listen to your voice Yin, are you ok? Girl answer: it's very good don't think about me, how are you? I want to buy a building. What do you think? The girl said happily. The boy went on; I wish I could live with you! Want you to live a happier life, want to take care of you for life. The girl said angrily, how can you do that? Did you forget to promise me to treat the girl beside you well? Before the girl finishes speaking, the boy rushes to say; I'm joking with you, don't be angry. You should take good care of yourself, don't get angry, eat on time Wish you a new year ahead of time! The girl agreed one by one and hung up. Just on the first day of the new year, the girl receives the phone call from the boy's family, and tells the girl that the boy has gone, forever we have gone to another world. How is it possible for the girl to stay? I beg your pardon? It's impossible. We called the other day. Then he said over the phone, accept the reality. He had a heart attack and left peacefully. The phone fell to the ground from the girl's hand, like the girl's broken heart. How could the girl have never thought that the last time she received a call from a boy was a farewell! Can't accept such cruel reality, can't use language to describe her at this time! I can't face his affection for her. Can not make up for his debt and guilt! I owe him too much and too much in my life When hope and reality combined, she was at a loss! She's at a loss it's not his fact. Don't want to leave, but also can't escape, maybe the length of fate has already drawn a line, life took away too many things, but left a piece. Those who have, can feel deep. Sometimes everything is like a missed time, can't be retrieved, just miss a little, will miss too much, maybe will miss a lifetime! Leave regret and guilt for life. His departure took away the girl's heart together. The girl seemed to be gone. She lived in fear all day.